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                                                  What’s right with education?

    We hear a lot about what’s wrong with education these days, but most of us know there are many good schools, teachers and students out there. Fortunately, the VIA Institute on Character captured some exceptionally positive work being done in a school in Salt Lake City, UT.  

    Fourth grade teacher, Jay Sharp, has infused his curriculum with character-strengths. Focusing on concepts like courage, perseverance, humor, kindness, vitality, gratitude, etc., he and his students have created a culture of learning that has built confidence, increased motivation, improved performance and elevated love of learning to the point that it extends far beyond the classroom.

    I was thrilled, as always, to work on this project with VIA, the film producers at Enlightened Media LLC, and the talented John Gallion who provided the beautiful music ... but it’s the kids who really shine!

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